TEDxSoleburySchool Speaker 凯利沙利文

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TEDxSoleburySchool Talk: Exercise Your Imagination
凯利沙利文 is an "art crusader" who shares stories of tribulation and triumph in her efforts to inspire imagination and collaboration with groups around the world. 艺术是一种通用语言, and in an 年龄 of connectedness and segregation, she uses it to promote discovery over conflict, 美丽战胜了战争. Take steps in whatever art form you choose to create a more happy life and a more peaceful planet.

凯利沙利文 is a pioneer in the field of collaborative art. She has created commemorative paintings for some of the world’s largest corporations including Terex, 约翰逊 & 强生和百事可乐. 超过100,000 people from around the world have put their fingers in paint to be part of Sullivan’s collaborative FingerSmear®工作. Her newest form of collaborative art allows thousands of people to participate in one piece of art through a web-based application called 油漆.团队™. Kelly is also an award-winning oil painter who speaks on the importance of art and imagination, and empowers adolescent girls across the globe through her 面对变化的有力手指 项目.