Mission Statement

Solebury School’s mission is to create an environment of educational excellence that prepares students for success in college and beyond. In the Solebury community, we strongly value intellectual challenge and academic achievement, creative and independent thinking, mutual respect between students and teachers, deep respect for each individual, and diversity.


Challenging and Inspiring Academics
We believe that all young people love to learn, and that it is our responsibility to develop a challenging and creative curriculum that makes this curiosity a lifelong trait. We teach students to investigate, to question and to make connections between disciplines. Our academically rigorous curriculum, high expectations, and dedicated teachers ensure that every student is prepared for higher learning.

Students and Teachers – A Partnership in Learning
Since our founding in 1925, strong and positive relationships between students and teachers have been central to the Solebury School experience. By disposing of some formalities that traditionally separate students and faculty, we create a culture of mutual respect. At Solebury, learning truly becomes a joint venture. Energized by the close, working relationships they form with teachers, students perform at their highest level in the classroom and the art room, on the stage, and the athletic field. Through this partnership, students learn to take responsibility for their own learning and lives.

Profound Respect for the Individual
We are guided by a profound respect for the individual, as we recognize the need to balance individual freedom with responsibility to the community. Solebury students do not have to fit a mold. All are valued for the talents and traits they bring to the school; all are encouraged to explore their passions and to make the school stronger through their contributions.

The Value of Diversity
At Solebury, there is an inherent respect for differences, and we are dedicated to embracing diversity in an expansive way. The diversity of our community enriches our school and the experiences of our students. Living and working with people of disparate backgrounds and worldviews enables students to value themselves and others, enhancing their ability to learn, grow, and achieve.

A Relevant Education
Solebury School offers an academic program relevant to the lives of students and to the local, national, and global issues of the day. During their years here, Solebury students develop habits of reflection and critical thinking that are crucial to an understanding of self and society. Recognizing that individual success is intertwined with the larger world, we encourage students to engage in improving their community. A Solebury education is a solid foundation for broad and lasting success.